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The Learners Are The Earners

Croz Crossley

This is a workshop like no other.

Uncle Croz has a unique way of teaching people about how much power and control they have over their future.

You will do plenty of laughing, and possibly some crying as you realise what you are actually capable of and understand why you made those wrong decisions in the past.

Croz has studied human behaviour and how we seem to reprogramme ourselves for failure, for over 20 years.

Croz has been mentoring The No 1 Motivational Business Speaker, Brad Burton and that has rekindled his love of teaching.

Next event is Friday 12th January 2018 - 09:30 – 16:00
Village Hotel, Capitol Boulevard, Leeds, LS27 0TS -
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Let me take all the risks, if after the workshop, for any reason you feel you have not received tremendous value I will personally refund the full price of your ticket and also all your travel costs.

 Brad Burton 

The UK's #1 Business Motivational Speaker


Amazing! The presentation that had theatre, it had comedy and the audience all on his side.

 Michele Ibbs 

 The Networking Queen 


Croz is amazing. He's a phenomenal speaker! He's totally engaging.


Tell Us Another is a collection of stories, observations and life lessons from someone who has definitely walked the walk.
This book retells the story of how Croz lost everything at 43 years old and on his way back found an old book written in 1910 that he attributes to his new found mindset and beliefs.

His rewrite of that book The Science Of Getting Rich is published at the end of Tell Us Another.

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The most important thing we must be able to do in changing our mindset, is to have faith and belief in being able to achieve something that appears unattainable. When I tell people the power that they have over their life, simply by having belief and faith in achieving it, they invariably say, "How does that work" implying that they cannot possibly believe in something that they did not know how it worked. This e-book explains how we put trust and faith into many things that we have no idea how they work. If you would like clarification on how to change your mindset and experience some real changes in your life, get this free e-book.
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