Coaching for Individuals

See what happens when you have a session with Croz…

Well done for finding this page because the first step to changing things in your life, is to realise that you want change.
Coaching for individuals is a very personal thing and people need help and advice for all sorts of reasons
Every person in the world has effectively become a product of their past programming, unfortunately although the people that gave you the information did not mean you any harm, they are probably responsible for you feeling you are missing out on something.
In my experience if some one genuinely wants to create a better life for themselves, they are half way there.
My one on one intensive coaching is done in blocks of 1 month, so there is no long term commitment. Many clients have 2 or 3 monthly coaching sessions per year and they find that by actioning the knowledge and then coming back, they really feel the change in their mental attitude.
I have achieved some amazing successes over the years and helped people get over situations that to them appeared impossible.
This is a typical first email from a client :
Dear Croz

“I figured since we are starting down this road we might as well get started.

My fears, rejection, failure, not be able to support me and my family. I am sure they are all related. If I really think about it, I think they hold me back. I know they hold me back. I am a Financial Planner advising clients on their finances. I have been in this line of work since college. I like what I do, but do not love it. I feel like to do what I love would not be work, it would be fun and joyous and rewarding all at the same time. In my line of work I am focused too much on the money and not on what makes me happy. As you have written many times, success follows happiness. I have chosen to be happy and that is why I am here, I want to take my happiness to next level and again as you say in SOGRIPE, “I want to look forward to everyday with excitement that is almost addictive.””

This is an email from the same guy 2 weeks later

I had another breakthrough today.

Thanks for sending the snippet about your client starting a new business and is booked out 10 weeks, awesome!

I will be honest with you I was a little disappointed when you suggested I stay at the bank, took me a few days to really sink in.

Now I am totally comfortable and happy with it! My wife has been suggesting this to me for awhile(she understands SOGR) that it is OK to be where I am and be happy with it.

Now having someone like yourself who understands where I am am and understands the principles of SOGR to tell me its OK to be where you are and be HAPPY about it and look at it with new eyes makes me feel good.

I had a great week this week, one of the best since I have been at the bank….3.5 years! I am looking forward to each day more and more and am excited for Monday which is a 1st for a long time. Again, the point here for me is that it is OK to be where I am, there is no hurry to change, but change will occur when I attract it.

Wow, this feels so good, I have been singing and dancing a lot for the past few days and to answer your question about my family, they all love that I am happy. They love to see me smile.

Thank you Croz for this confirmation and feeling of peace, calm, joy, confidence, faith, purpose, GRATITUDE, vision and action all at the same time. There is no price I can put on this feeling and I know it was always there in me and now I have found it….Hallelujah!

This actual coaching session was a great success, because I not only helped him enjoy his work, he actually became the president of the bank.

It is important that we get on together for you to get any real results from this one on one coaching, so I suggest that we have a chat on Skype. Often on this free chat I can give you some information that may actually solve your immediate problem.
If you would like to have a free chat on Skype send an email to me with CHAT in the subject line using my contact form.