Consulting for Organisations

When I put my corporate hat on, I have worked with some highly successful people who want to be even better.
They are all very intelligent and have been instrumental in building companies that reflect their leadership.
I admire the business leaders that contact me, it is not always because they need business advice but often because they realise that there is actually more to life than just creating a successful business.
We are all guilty of, at some time or another, letting our work consume us and convincing ourselves that everything will sort itself out later.
This is one of the major problems I encounter because it does not sort itself out later, the time you lose is gone forever and regardless of how much money you amass, you cannot buy 1 second of that lost time back.
In my work I never try and manipulate people to change, I realised a long time ago that all change comes from within and will only happen at the pace you want. I do however quickly pick up on areas that I know need change, and work with you to identify these areas for yourself and then work with you to fix them.
If you feel that you or your company could benefit from working with me, email me to organise a free Skype chat using my contact form