Who Gets Rich? Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, The Reverend Michael Beckswith Thats Who

I feel sick and I think that Bob, Jack and Michael should be ashamed of themselves. This has nothing to do with SOGR, this plan is based on GREED. They have created a package that at best could be worth $60 and on the back of a wave of euphoria are getting many people who cannot afford it, to part with their money,in the hope of earning a fortune. Read their slick advertising] A few paragraphs on SOGR and then pages and pages on the compensation plan.
Wally would be turning in his grave.

Wally says be creative in earning your money NOT competitive. He is correct Bob, Jack and the Reverend have created a way to play on the masses belief that you can get rich quick, and will all earn an extraordinary amount of money. Those three will of course become exceedingly rich.
Wally also says there is never any rush! I have never witnessed such a panic of people rushing to purchase this product so they can get to sell it to someone before there friends get to them. The sad thing is that it is not now about purchasing, or studying SOGR, it is about getting a product of very little actual value, only a perceived value, that you can earn commissions on. People who are not in the slightest bit interested in SOGR will have a currency to trade to unsuspecting people.
I really do feel quite sad, that the method and ways of SOGR that have brought my success, were of a calm, gentle, no rush, it will happen style and now it has all turned into a circus fuelled only by GREED.

Do you really think that these three men have any interest in who gets hurt in all this? If it is not stopped by someone, when it reaches critical mass, how many people will have lost their money with absolutely no opportunity to get it back. If the persons purchase is genuinely about learning SOGR, why would they give $1995 for something they can get for nothing, and how different could it be, it is only based on the same book?

I have had to put up with a lot of flack from people thinking that in some perverse way I am jealous. Let me tell you, I could not sleep at night, if I had to get money in the knowledge that it would cause misery and hardship to many people.

I notice that the main site is down at the moment, to update details. I wonder if they may make this a tripod with two legs and 10 levels of compensation. Think how many people they could destroy then. I notice that the makers and the producers of the Secret have put a disclaimer on the website, saying that they have no connection with this.

I would really like Rebeccas take on all this, because I get a funny feeling that this could put the nail in the coffin as regards to any credibility for SOGR.

Please all re read SOGR, it is a calm precise infallible method of obtaining happiness and wealth and in no way resembles the circus that these three men have created.

All the people out there who are saying SHUT UP I feel sorry for you because whether you buy this product or not, you will see so much hurt and heartache as a result of this, it will make some of the internet scams look tame.

Before you all rush to defend it, I have not said this is a scam. It possibly just creeps into legality
but that does not make it morally right.People will defend it because they believe that it is the holy grail, and will be the way to riches.

Quote from Wally!

The more people who get rich on the competitive plane, the worse for others. The more people who get rich on the creative plane, the better for others.

I ask you, is this creative, or competitive?

I will keep on attacking this until it stops, and I suggest that anyone who cares for this book as much as I do, does the same.

I really cannot imagine how we will be able to teach this beautiful message in the future once this devious plot has run its course.

Before you even contemplate purchasing this, unless of course you are purchasing it to furthur your knowledge of SOGR,just do the maths.

Anyone who has actually purchased this simply to get a different spin on SOGR, please let us all know, if you think it represents value.

If you have a blog or a newsletter or any other way to spread this message, please copy and paste this message. It is called people power, and hopefully we may be able to save some people the loss of their money.

Abundance to All

Croz from OZ

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